Welcome to the Holy Cross Home & School Pretzel Fundraiser Ordering

Thank you for supporting the fundraiser. 
Orders are now closed for January-February.

For more information on the pretzel fundraiser please contact [email protected] 

Thank you for your support for the Holy Cross Regional Catholic School's Pretzel Fundraiser! 

A special thank you to The Philly Pretzel Factory for their generous support of Holy Cross. Please continue to support Philly Pretzel Factory (https://phillypretzelfactory.com/locations/collegeville/).

NOTE: We will not be able offer refunds for student absences or school closures.


Click below to see order options:

MON-FRI (one pretzel/day)

MON-FRI (two pretzel/day) -GRADES 4-8 ONLY

MON/WED/FRI (one pretzel/day)

MON/WED/FRI (two pretzel/day) -GRADES 4-8 ONLY

TUES/THURS (one pretzel/day)

TUES/THURS (two pretzel/day) -GRADES 4-8 ONLY

FRIDAY ONLY (one pretzel/day)

FRIDAY ONLY (two pretzel/day) -GRADES 4-8 ONLY